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Inspirational Flourisher | Sarah Wilson

By October 9, 2012January 28th, 2021No Comments

Sarah Wilson is an Australian journalist, television presenter, blogger, media consultant and author of the best-selling ‘I Quit Sugar’ book.  She also happens to be my favourite heroine du jour and I’ve been following her blog and recipe books religiously.

Sarah has found fame by quitting the modern drug, the ‘white stuff’ as she calls it. She teaches how to follow suit and the benefits of eliminating this poison from our lives.  From revealing the hidden devil’s proliferation across the majority of western diets, she states statistics around the harmful effects, both long and short term, of the substance (that’s only 8 chemical atoms away from cocaine don’t you know). She’s an extremist and advises shunning fructose so fruit too but delivers logical explanation around why this is necessary during the initial elimination phase and how to reintroduce it eventually should you choose to.  This is gospel she preaches and she’s recently moved into the realm of anxiety and offers support and life coping mechanisms here.

Research her and get her books. Nutrition has never mattered so much and simple sugar awareness will heal you body and soul incredibly powerfully. It’s also surprisingly easy when you embrace fat instead of sweet. Go try it.

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