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Flourish is a transformational guide for ambitious women buffeted by the whirlwind of modern life. Learn how to love life again and reach your most brilliant potential!


How To Stop The Struggle & Get Anything You Want


Download this FREE audio training to learn 4 simple strategies that will fill your life with the work, love and vitality you deserve!


Flourish Online


A Kick Starter 6 Week Programme for ambitious women buffeted by the whirlwind of modern life. Through deep self-awareness, conscious cleansing, positive habits and purposeful action, this programme will teach you how to honour your personal energy flow to unleash your best self.


Uplevel your life and achieve your dreams

121 Coaching

Ensure your life effervesces with passion, purpose and joy. Experience inner calm, deeper connections and vibrant business success. Enjoy 121 coaching with Bianca to get exactly what you want today!

121 Coaching With Bianca Best

Leadership Excellence

Leadership Course

Blending neuroscience with human essence Bianca’s Leadership Excellence course teaches self-aware management to encourage a culture infused with healthy productivity, vibrancy and intra-preneurialism.  Address the psychological and emotional aspects essential to thriving organisations today and instill best in class modern leadership practice.


Events With Bianca

Wellbeing Workshops

Hosted in sumptuous comfort connect with like minded souls, experience deep inner exploration and learn practical tips and techniques to navigate modern life and flourish as your best self.



I feel totally re-energised! Bianca’s sincerity, passion, experience and knowledge has infused me with everything I need to do next. She’s kickstarted me and I’m bursting with excitement to get on with life on my terms starting right now!!

HayleyFilm Producer, UK

Bianca gave me the confidence in myself to leave my job and set up my own executive stationery business, a childhood dream. My life has TOTALLY transformed for the best!

RebeccaEntrepreneur, UK

I have found my ‘flow’ again! Bianca taught me to get out of my own way and I actually feel like everything I touch now is golden. I’m in love, enjoying work, feel healthy, life is good!!

MichelleExecutive Client Partner, USA

Today was a great chance to stop and think in a 'neutral' environment. I loved the self reflection and found it really interesting to reconnect with my 8 year old self. The visions and goals section was great for identifying what is important and urgent for me in 2018. Overall today was really good to start to plan the first steps to becoming a better me!

Thank you for putting on such a good event, well done I can see a lot of work went into it. Please host another one, lots more in fact!! I think there are men who would benefit from this too, so many people have issues, men just don’t want to acknowledge them! Thank you so much again.

Thank you so much for hosting today, you were fantastically knowledgeable and motivating. I feel really inspired after today to progress at pace on my own journey so massive thank you. I'd love to see you do a weekend retreat or sequence of sessions to go deeper on some topics. I'd definitely be interested in more so let me know where I can sign up! Thank you again.

I just wanted to say thank you for your time at your wonderful home today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am updating my audible list right now, the funny thing is that I had already listed to Mel Robbins yesterday and the very countdown you showed! I know that I find it very very hard to share things like this with people I am close to, complete strangers is no problem! But, really just wanted to say thank you.

Just to say it was lovely to meet you today and be welcomed into your fab home. I thoroughly enjoyed the course today and am honoured to have attended your first event. I hope many more will follow. I will definitely be implementing some changes this year and you have kick started me into making sure they start now!! Thank you.

The Divorce Decision - Coming Soon!

The Divorce Decision


This book is an exploration of love, of the divorce dilemma and of integrity. The Divorce Decision is an almighty one and within these pages I impart the wisdom, experience and guidance I wish had been forthcoming to me when I commenced this journey.