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Would you love your life to effervesce with more passion, purpose and joy? Do you crave more inner calm, deeper connections and vibrant work? Are you tired of flailing against a downstream tirade of demands?

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I’m on a mission to empower you to thrive. I want you to feel energised, excited and living your life like it’s golden (add melody 😉). You deserve to feel mentally, emotionally and physically fantastic.


I’ll coach you to shift from
Out of Control









When success is redefined on your terms, when your values are honoured in every aspect of your life, and when your bio-individual energy flow is respected, burnout, overwhelm and anxiety disappear to be replaced by abounding health, wealth and happiness.


I’ll teach you to effortlessly use my Productivity Balance System (which keeps me zinging through each day), how to reconnect with your inner child to bring the joy and purpose back into your life and to experience what happens when you make empowered decisions which you stick to (believe me, this is utterly transformational). Your confidence skyrockets when your vitality is strong. Once you feel amazing, your life will be amazing!


We’ll work together in 121 sessions addressing what matters most to you. If you’re an entrepreneur starting to grow your empire we’ll prioritise your focus to ensure you work smarter not harder. If you’re a leader looking to uplevel we’ll strategise the promotion route. And if you’re simply keen to maximise your impact through graceful productivity we’ll get you there. We’ll ensure your income reflects your passion.


True fulfilment only ever comes once there is unabated congruence between values and behaviours. If you act with integrity unwaveringly, consistently following your heart (and shushing that noisy, distracting, egoistic head) contentment will naturally flow. I’ll empower you to release and surrender, to tune into and trust your intuition and bask in the glowy riches of your life waiting to be seized.

I feel totally re-energised! Bianca’s sincerity, passion, experience and knowledge has infused me with everything I need to do next. She’s kickstarted me and I’m bursting with excitement to get on with life on my terms starting right now!!

HayleyFilm Producer, UK

Bianca gave me the confidence in myself to leave my job and set up my own executive stationery business, a childhood dream. My life has TOTALLY transformed for the best!

RebeccaEntrepreneur, UK

I have found my ‘flow’ again! Bianca taught me to get out of my own way and I actually feel like everything I touch now is golden. I’m in love, enjoying work, feel healthy, life is good!!

MichelleExecutive Client Partner, USA

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