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Inspirational Flourisher | Nigella Lawson

By October 9, 2012January 28th, 2021No Comments

Nigella Lawson is whom every man wants to be with and every woman wants to be, but why do we
love this buxom chef so much? She is the epitome of when sh*t hits the fan put on your best lippy,
bake a cake and eat it! She faced a messy divorce and court accusations but what did she do? She
held a dignified silence and made powdered doughnuts. Oh but please don’t let the cooking fool
you. She fabulously and portentously said “Women of my generation were keen – rightly – not to be tied to the stove, but the ramifications of this were that they felt a sense of dread in the kitchen. How can this be good for
anyone? I also feel that to denigrate any activity because it has traditionally been associated with
the female sphere is in itself anti-feminist.” So ladies you can burn your bra and make brownies at
the same time and any woman that drinks wine, eats butter and cheese whilst still looking like that is
a woman after my own heart.

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