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Grow Mindfully

The Power of Books & Audio Books

Well basically, if you didn’t already gather, indeed obviously, reading expands your mind.  Listening equally so. This fast-paced, multi-faceted world deserved consciously carved space for your growth and there’s an abundance of material to choose from. Work out how you want to change your life then grab the new knowledge and go forth and seize it. If you desire difference, read and learn. Never waste a moment. Here’s my overview of the top genres I turn to for conscious, progressive living.


Personal Development

Enrich your life with an abundance of self-help. Follow your intuition and learn about what you feel attracted to most. Go for what you sense will stimulate you most currently. Don’t bother reading something because it’s de rigeur or because your spouse told you to. Follow your heart. Whether tactical tips for growing your skill set at work eg coaching your team more effectively, for broader mind expanding books around spirituality, a new way of eating for vitality,  specific habit altering guides to help modify your behaviours, eradicating addictions or just living more mindfully dive into the personal development genre.


Parenting Books

Parenting is not easy. There’s no manual. Invariably when we become parents it’s the first time we’ve ever had to care for babies, pre-schoolers then teens. We’re all making it up as we go along. It can be bamboozling, confusing, richly rewarding, joyful, stressful and intense all at the same time. Sometimes we breeze through feeling as though we were born to mother or father, other times we feel lost and like we’re failing so epically we want to curl up under the duvet and retire. There is no retirement from parenting however. And thankfully there’s an abundance of helpful material from other spawning homo-sapiens in our shoes on how to crack the particular challenge we’re facing. Whether managing an angry teenager, soothing a wailing baby, juggling childcare with work commitments, feeding the brood, whatever the conundrum, another soul like you somewhere somehow has faced the problem and overcome it. So, learn how to be your best parenting self and enjoy the undulating ride as Mother Nature intended.


It’s boom time for mindfulness.  We all need to get with the programme. Take time out at some point every day for these calm, focused, slow breathing moments of meditation or self hypnosis (they’re the same thing really).  Whether you want a guided meditation to build your moment to moment awareness or if you’re looking to master a life skill to realise a goal eg weight loss or quitting alcohol, audio Hypnosis and Meditation is an easy way forwards.

Career Acceleration

With modular working, side hustles, digital technology enabling an explosion of creative enterprises, it’s a whole new world of career and mind today. Gone is the linear one job for life of yesterday, equally gone are the days of one parent stays at home, with this comes blessings aplenty for sure but equally enormous, untested challenges. The realities of being a working carer, battles or not as a woman or white middle-aged man in the workplace, unrelenting political maelstroms (no pun intended!), contracting and expanding economies and perpetual job insecurity. This is new 21st century territory and it can be tumultuous to navigate without deeply grounded self awareness and a strong sense of purpose. In these modern waters, it takes continual mental growth to succeed. From learning technical skills, to personal development to industry knowledge, reading and information absorption is critical. The challenge here is scrupulous selection over where to invest your precious learning time. Tips on how to fit learning in and what to prioritise are essential.  Find your best self to enable career success and mental clarity.



How to increase your wealth across your lifetime? The question on everyone’s lips. What habits do you need to succeed and attract abundant wealth into your life?  For advice on maximising profit from your property to negotiating larger salary packages to savings and investment funds, learn from successful wealth creators what has worked for them there are books to devour and learn from.


Spirituality and soulfulness – what do they mean? The media talks lots about Body, Mind & Soul. What is Soul? What does your soul mean to you? Is it spirituality? Is it religion? Is it peace, balance or the opposite of ego?  Is it divine light, eternal, universal?  There are many different interpretations of the soul and individually we’ll have varying degrees of respect for it’s role in our worlds. We’ll all unequivocally understand it as an integral aspect of our sense of wellbeing.  Learn here how to care for, nurture and nourish whatever your personal view of Soul is. However it manifests for you focusing on any form of self-love, self-care, mindfulness, reflection, conscious growth and focusing on giving and serving others are all sure ways to enrich your soul.

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