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3 Simple Steps When Inertia Strikes

By November 24, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments

Ever felt stuck in concrete boots, all out of flow and devoid of motivation?

To get plugged back in, try this…

Step 1. Totally accept and give in to the inertia and surrender to it. You need time to re-calibrate, breathe, rest and rejuvenate. Focus on self-nourishment as a priority. Pure, wholesome food, loads of sleep and gentleness towards yourself.

Step 2. Do something totally utterly different and something you’ve never done before. Visit somewhere new. Feed the homeless. Start knitting. Totally jolt your senses into something different that has no intense outcome attached to it. It trips different brain regions into action and rests the areas you usually activate so it triggers a kind of ‘change is as good as a rest’ status.

Step 3. After that go back to your to do list anew. Re-prioritise stuff and chunk it down down down into what matters most and what needs to happen first. Then take that first task and shrink it into bite size steps and only then start. Set a time limit and sit down and start. However hard at first just start and make no judgement on where you get to at the end because this is not about perfection or completion. It’s just about beginning.

How to stop the struggle & get anything you want

How to stop the struggle & get anything you want

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