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How do you learn? Understand this and you have the potential to become limitless!

Learn these 4 ways to optimise your learning Next week my youngest son is going to see an educational psychologist. He’ll sit a couple of papers examining Maths and English ability, he’ll be assessed on verbal and non-verbal solutioning, his processing speed will be calculated and he’ll have lots of discussion about his thoughts on school, inner reactions to classroom…
Bianca Best
February 24, 2023
AuthenticityAvoiding Burn OutCareer & MindLeadershipPersonal DevelopmentSoulVitalityWellbeing

How do you make people feel?

(Clue to best answer - the most powerful leaders exude Positive Relational Energy.) The biggest hearted people leave warm glows in their wakes. Their kind, expansive energy embalms those they encounter with uplifting ripples that happily linger. We remember their positive vibe and forever think fondly of them. As Maya Angelou famously said “People will forget what you said, people…
Bianca Best
February 14, 2023
AuthenticityCareer & MindLeadershipPersonal DevelopmentSoulVitalityWellbeing

Create Yourself First (then that shiny life you’re chasing happens anyway)

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx, became the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world at only 41. Impassioned, personable and straight-talking she went from door-to-door fax machine sales to running the world’s largest underwear empire. It wasn’t overnight success of course, but years of graft and wily determination. How did she do it? As witty as she is hard-working (stints…
Bianca Best
February 5, 2023
AuthenticityCareer & MindLeadershipPersonal DevelopmentSoulVitalityWellbeing

5 Ways to Overcome the Paralysing Fear of Judgement

My son had a haircut and is now in a trauma state. Yes, a micro trauma all things considered but the reaction going on in his young mind and body is symptomatic of trauma. He’s terrified about going to school, being bullied and suffering shame. He’s oscillating from hysteria to immense sadness to pragmatic resolution: “I’m not going to school…
Bianca Best
January 29, 2023
agile workingalienationAuthenticityAvoiding Burn Outbelongingbest selfCareer & MindcoachingLeadershipPersonal DevelopmentVitalityWellbeing

Why Where and How You Work Matters (and how to optimise it for you)

Here’s how to build your Peak Productivity Plan (and not fall victim to burnout) Okay, 2 weeks into the new year, how are we doing? Hit the ground running and excited for all those 2023 OKRs being finalised within your teams? Enjoying grinding back into central London on the stuttering commute and shaking out those sodden brollies discreetly in the…
Bianca Best
January 15, 2023
AuthenticityAvoiding Burn OutCareer & MindLeadershipPersonal DevelopmentSoulVitalityWellbeing

8 Ways to Halt Cognitive Bounce

Mental ping pong is the hidden crisis of remote working. If we don't address it now, urgently, the burnout epidemic which slowed across 2020 is going to knock global productivity sideways.  Here’s a snapshot of my Thursday afternoon: 2 hour global conference presenting our digital transformation consultancy to several hundred excos across our top markets. 1 hour International Women’s Day…
Bianca Best
March 1, 2021
Avoiding Burn OutCareer & MindPersonal DevelopmentSoulVitalityWellbeing

New Year Motivation – It’s all linked to Self-Esteem

Motivation is directly linked to self-esteem. When we have belief and confidence in ourselves coupled with clearly identified goals, we’re more likely to propel forwards. If we have goals set but diminished faith in our own ability to achieve, we are less likely to push onwards. In fact, if we have derogatory self-talk that emphasises not being good enough, worthy…
Bianca Best
January 4, 2021