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Inspirational Flourisher | Rosa Parks

Renowned for making history, Rosa Parks is one woman we should all hold in the highest regard. A gentle seamstress who changed American history forever after refusing to give up her seat on a Charlottesville bus to a white man in 1955. Dubbed the first lady of civil rights and the 'mother of the freedom movement’, this ordinary lady ignited hearts and minds…
Bianca Best
October 9, 2015
AuthenticityPersonal Development

Inspirational Flourisher | Michelle Obama

In 2008 Barack Obama became the 44th president and first African American to become leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.  Little did we anticipate that his good wife would equally step into the limelight becoming a significantly influential first lady revered by all.  Looking beyond being judged or type cast for her ethnicity, she made sure her…
Bianca Best
October 9, 2012