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October 2018

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Six ways to grow your brand using voice technology

Voice isn’t the future, it’s now. In this crazy, beautiful, daunting age of acceleration, we’re ensconced in the most intimate, transformational relationship with technology to date. Gone is the keyboard, the mouse, the screen, the (so far) necessary extension of our human selves and here now is the most natural and intuitive form of interaction — the voice. As Natural Language Processing…
Bianca Best
October 25, 2018

The Magic of Thinking Big | David Schwartz

The blurb on the back of The Magic of Thinking Big and the opening chapter made me so excited about this book I was running more, fantasising about amazing career success, plotting grandiose home renovations galore and I was totally stimulated into a yes, yes, boy can I think big mindset!  Alas, after the tantalising start once diving in I…
Bianca Best
October 9, 2018