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I’m a woman committed to celebrating a life that’s as much about the journey as the destination.

I’m blessed with abundance; four irresistible children, a CV representing a chronology of passions explored, a nourishing forever home and endless pleasure from cherished family and friends.

Every moment is an opportunity. Seize it. Learn, love, laugh, create, have impact and make memories worth cherishing. Don’t waste one second of this precious gift of life

Bianca Best


I’m fascinated by neuroplasticity and our ability to ‘practice what you want to grow’ and how we can actually rewire our brains. I have almost broken myself loads over the years trying to have it all and finally recognise the essential need to stop the pursuit and relish the now.

I’ve worked hard to learn how and practice what I here preach. Fundamentally you get out of life what you put in and I give, give, give. (And never resentfully that’s key!!)

I find joy and progressive betterness in every moment and devote myself to this as a life philosophy.



I have established a blog and community at in response to the most prevalent ‘How the heck?’ questions I’m repeatedly asked and indeed to find answers that I seek myself. Bringing kindred women together to share on-the-job wisdom with the purpose of collectively empowering each other to slow down and savour feels like a no brainer.

I truly believe that in this pivotal era of borderless geography and tech disruption when we connect like-minded souls with common purpose we rediscover the supportive power of community and grow immediately stronger and thus better together.

It has not been easy to achieve a life of balance and I am wholly dedicated to maintaining it and teaching others the way too. (There are no secrets by the way, it’s just about mindful mindset).



My book ‘Executive Sparkle’ will be published in 2019. It’s a restorative how-to guide for women wondering if they’re missing out on life’s best bits through sheer busy-ness.  It’s the ultimate guide to ‘having it all without cracking’. Following my Energy-Scape™ programme, the book teaches you self-awareness from the first page with chapters chunked into logical steps to regain life control. Learn how to Re-energise, Cleanse, Enrich then Play, follow a kick starter 6 week programme and be inspired by celebrity interviews. I cannot wait to share this.



I’ve been in advertising since I was 19 and am exhilarated to currently run a global emerging technology division within WPP. Last year I was proud to set up a gender equality initiative launching a client coalition to bring men into the gender equality conversation by accelerating a progressive masculinity agenda.

I am passionate about work cultures enabling authenticity, diversity, EQ over IQ and I never waver in upholding and encouraging my personal values of kindness, respect and integrity through my leadership.

I won the IPA & Campaign’s Woman of Tomorrow for which I’m truly grateful as it’s led to lots of opportunities in schools and other nurturing organisations where I’ve been able to help encourage young minds into creative and tech industries. I’m deeply humbled to spread hope as a Save The Children ambassador too.

I had a pivotal sojourn from agency land when I set up “The Bespoke Gift Company” in 2004 seizing the potential in new technologies enabling truly personalised gift manufacture. What a ride the next decade was, culminating in a business sale in 2013. Some of the most invigorating, challenging and deliciously creative years of my life. I recommend everyone runs a business at some point.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou


I am happy and eager to spread my passions and do speaking events – funny life stories tailored to your event with meaning, life as a woman in tech, insights and wisdom learnt along my journey, juggling family with career without compromise, diversity as a cultural imperative, savouring right here right now, living in balanced harmony, succeeding at entrepreneurialism with 4 kids under 7, parenting twins, finding your best self and/or inspiring audiences with my favourite, most effective life hacks.

If you’d like me to speak at your event or deliver a life-changing workshop that is sure to inspire your audience into meaningful action