Redefine Success and create more Time, Energy, Impact and Happiness

Written By Bianca Best

Flourish by Bianca Best

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This is a transformational guide for ambitious women buffeted by the whirlwind of modern life. Flourish offers a practical antidote to the ephemeral pursuit of ‘balance’, encouraging women to redefine success on their terms and stop cycles of burnout once and for all. Bianca’s 6 step programme teaches simple, effective routes to maximise impact and joy. A bible for alpha females!”

Baroness Karren Brady CBE

Today, we’re experiencing a new, unprecedented era of female empowerment and corporate ascendency but this ride isn’t proving easy.   Not only are we fighting the political battles for pay, status, equality and flexible working but privately we’re all crashing, burning out and compromising our values in pursuit of ‘having it all’.

Me time has become mythical. More women than ever fall into exhausted sleep at the end of each day wishing for a way to hop off their treadmill somehow. An absurdly growing number of women are choosing career over family believing either/or is the only way. ‘Time to breathe’ is a common accepted life quest for most modern women.

Our children are being raised by grandparents or strangers.  Me time has faded into non-existence and selflessly we deprioritise ourselves without realising how much we are in fact harming ourselves.

Amazing women aren’t burning brightly they’re burning out.  And burning out young.

Women are working hard, playing hard, and sadly losing respect for ourselves and our natural rhythms. Amidst all of this drive towards success and perceived high achievement we’re also losing our sense of belonging and community and loneliness is reaching an all time high as we flail and seek out our true tribes.

“Flourish provides great solutions to endlessly chasing balance by teaching practical ways for women to step into a realm of happy, impactful productivity.”

Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP Facebook EMEA

In six simple steps the Energy-Scape™ model will teach you to find your natural harmonious life state seeing you flourish as your best self, achieving success in all you desire. Looking at your personal energy flow and through a method of self-awareness, conscious cleansing, action and intentional living, this book will teach you how to survive and thrive.

Follow the practical instructions and transform your life at last. It’s the only way to successfully navigate today’s world, have it all without cracking and get you flourishing.