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The War of Art | Steven Pressfield

By October 9, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
The War Of Art - Steven Pressfield

Despite the title, this isn’t a book just for traditional artists. Pressfield is also writing for entrepreneurs, people who long to switch careers and even people who want to start living more healthfully. So many people claim they are not creative and yet we are all artists and creators of our own lives.

Whatever your endeavour, and especially in these crazily trying times right now, you’ve likely noticed that it can be a struggle to begin or maintain. That’s the war the title refers to: the daily battle to do your art. Ideally you show up, put the work in and then do it again the next day. What derails us is what Pressfield calls ‘Resistance.’ This is the enemy, and it is insidious, pervasive and powerful. Pressfield devotes the first third of his book to describing Resistance’s many forms and tactics, and you will immediately recognize how it plays in your own life.

Pressfield’s writing is straightforward and unflinchingly honest. He’ll make you laugh and he’ll make you mad. You will have to stop and put the book down at least once – to ponder something seemingly written just for you, or to catch your breath because he exposed something about yourself that you’ve been denying.

Part 1 defines Resistance. Part 2 is about how to Turn Pro – meaning now that you’ve identified Resistance and recognized how it works against you, it’s time to combat it. Part 3 explores where inspiration for art comes from and how to follow intuitive ideas and concepts.

I loved this book. If you’re stuck, feeling inert, bemused at a life crossroads, or anguishing over not being worthy, read this book and know the world needs your gift and the time to start is now.


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