Helping our ambitious adolescents get into work takes a lot of love, encouragement and fresh tactics right now

Our kids are losing confidence and motivation before they’ve even had chance to kick off their shiny new Working Life chapters. I’ve been coaching teens and twenty-somethings recently and counting my blessings seeing them successfully get their dream jobs – IN A PANDEMIC!! I know! Simply bursting with pride at their achievements and in awe of their drive and commitment.

Significant and Immediate Growth

I’ve worked with school leavers, graduates, young men and women, and watched their confidence and inner power grow. It’s stimulated interview opportunities then fantastically some stupendous internship offers. The most exciting thing is watching these bright, hungry young souls get a handle on their gifts and how they’ll be an asset to the organisations they desire. They’ve stepped into places of high energy, optimism and positivity, eliminating fear, anxiety and overwhelm. It’s exactly how leaving education and embarking into the Big Wide World should feel, pandemic or otherwise, and I will do ANYTHING I can to help obliterate ruts and generate exciting momentum, especially when there’s so much beyond our control right now.

So, if you, and/or your child or friend, would like a free 30 min video chat to build some foundational focus around the following

  • CV review
  • Strengths mapping
  • Values identification
  • Strategic orientation
  • Cover letter writing
  • Experience framing

…and then later

  • Support navigating corporate life

…I am 100% here to help

I’ll do the work to get you on your way. It would be a privilege to help however I can. It’s broken my heart recently watching so many struggling, feeling crushed and without belief in their own potential. It simply doesn’t have to be this way. With love and best intentions as always,

Bianca x Whatsapp me 00 44 7976290767