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June 2018

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Follow Your Heart

Today is boom time for ‘consciousness’, for ‘awakening’. We’re in an effervescent era of mindfulness exploration as we all grapple to breathe, be present and step out of the whirlwinds of our tumultuous, tech filled, stimulus assaulted lives. We’re all seeking utopian states of peace, joy and fulfilment, be they ephemeral or eternal. Much of the advice out there, amidst…
Bianca Best
June 18, 2018

The Power of Purpose; How to Create the Life You Always Wanted – Les Brown

Oh Les, Les, Les how you brighten my day! I started listening to this audible download with a bit of trepidation. Gospel-esque preaching, clapping audiences, auditorium presentations, this was my first deviation from traditional \'studio monologue\' audio recordings representative of the majority of my audio collection. I wasn\'t sure if I\'d be able to stomach it but I committed to…
Bianca Best
June 9, 2018